Can You Play Disc Golf In The Winter?

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Disc golf is a sport with a tradition of almost 50 years, and is most popular in the United States and Western Europe, especially in Scandinavia. In these countries, a large number of new fields are opened every year in park areas in and around cities, and they are often set up on student campuses, thus becoming a daily habit and recreation for all ages and diverse profiles of people.

The sport itself is very similar to classic golf, with the difference that players throw specially designed flying discs and have to hit the disc golf basket.

Can you play disc golf in the winter?

Yes, you can! As in some other sports and in disc golf, there are problems with weather conditions during the winter. With this season comes snow and rainy and windy weather.

However, just as some other sports are practiced during the winter, the same situation is with disc golf, and you can play this sport in the winter. Disc golf is played in an enviable number of countries, and to maintain the desired shape, top players must practice this sport during the winter as well.

Those who do not play this sport professionally or have not encountered this sport before will probably decide to do some other activities during the winter before practicing disc golf.

What’s different about playing disc golf during the winter?

Disc golf can be played all year round. The cost of playing this sport is not high because you can play it anywhere, and you need a few discs and a basket of equipment.

The fun can then begin. During the winter, it is necessary to adapt to the existing weather conditions, because such as rain, wind, snow can be a problem in football, and players will encounter similar problems in disc golf. Just as snow football is played with a different ball, so in disc golf, you have to choose a different type of disc compared to the type of disc used during spring or summer. The very good thing is that the discs for this sport are made of different types of plastic, so there are adequate types of discs for every season and bad weather.

Regardless of the fact that this sport does not look too complicated as any sport, you need to warm up well and adequately prepare for physical activity, which is especially important when the temperatures outside are as low as in winter.

During the winter, you should be especially careful because slipping on ice or snow is possible, which can lead to falls and unpleasant injuries. For cold and snowy weather, it is necessary to choose discs made of soft and sticky plastic or use chalk to make the disc fit better. In addition, it is necessary to wear friction gloves or hand warmers because your hands freeze easily during the winter, and your throw will be much better when you do it with a warm hand.

Good fun in both winter and summer

The popularity of this sport is growing from year to year, which should not surprise us because disc golf is a very fun sport. Conditions during the winter are not ideal because wind, rain, snow can affect the flight of the discs, but as in all other sports, if you adequately prepare and practice, it will not be a problem for you.

These weather conditions give additional charm, and disc golf can be even more interesting. Just make sure your disc doesn’t get lost in the snow, which is not uncommon. For those people who don’t like winter, summer is the ideal time when they should try their hand at this sport. After that, you will surely be thrilled and want to play disc golf again.